Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm still around, if only sporadically. Packing/sorting/trashing--these are the things ruling my life right now. That, and a child afflicted with the flu. Fun is not a word I would use to describe life right now. But still, I wake early and sit by myself for a while, with or without my bible open, and I try to start my day with prayer and thankfulness. This life is hectic right now, but it is not bad.

We get the keys to the new place this Friday. We're going to do some minor cleaning; mopping, vacuuming, and washing the windows. I'll go around and sketch out a rough plan for each room. Then it's just a few more days of this living in-between before we move.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

poem #29.



place this crown of flowers
                on my head--
dip your fingers in the paint,


and press them  into my cheeks.

i want to feel like a paper boat in your palms

i want to feel as beautiful as the moon

Sunday, March 2, 2014

a few things.

flower studies: watercolor and pencil on paper.

1. We will be moving into a new house, starting April 1. I kind of--okay, really--don't want to move, but the home we've been caretakers of for four years is being sold, so we don't have a choice. After scrambling around for a while, and viewing several hell-holes, we found a little yellow gem, just steps from the boy's school, and directly across the street from a church I've been interested in attending. If anyone on Facebook prayed for us, thank you--your prayers worked.

2. I have about a zillion small things in the works at the moment, making this upcoming move untimely. But when isn't a move untimely? I'm stocking up on my paintings, and hopefully, soon, prints. My aim is to open up my online shop, next year at the latest. I'm thinking of prints, a few originals, maybe some of my poetry art. We'll see. I also have plans to (finally) attend college, so the question will most likely be how much can I handle at once? Oh, and I'm also aiming for a few new poems a week, so far, so good. And I'm chest-deep in revisions on my older work. Writing query letters. And now, packing! (whew)

3. The husband turned 40. As corny as it may sound, he truly gets better with age.

4. It is said that we will get another snow storm tonight. I don't think I need to tell you how I feel about this.

What's new in your life? Any big changes in store?