Monday, January 30, 2012


I haven't written anything in length about my life lately because...well, I'm just not sure how truly interested ya'll are in my spine and my meds and my iron levels and things of that nature. Because that's honestly what most of my life has consisted of recently. Which is horrible--I don't think I've ever felt more boring, with the exception of my hospital stays when I was young.

Anyway, long story short, I pinched a nerve in my neck AGAIN, about a week and a half ago, so of course, I've been stuck inside, resting a lot, taking a lot of really terrible medication, not driving, not going ANYWHERE, and just generally pulling my hair out whilst trying to take care of my 5-year-old son. I saw a neck specialist at the beginning of the month who couldn't have been less interested, I'll tell you that, so my options are still up in the air. I'm thinking I may try accupuncture next? I don't know. Have any of you tried this? If so, was it helpful?

I'm a lot better now, able to move and exercise again. Life is tough though because I know, eventually, this will just happen again. It could be tomorrow or three months from now.

I'm going to tell you something else: bedrest is good for getting some painting done.

*sketchbook: critters, watercolor and ink*
*water and mountains: paper, mixed media, acrylic on canvas*

*ink and watercolor on book paper*

And now for what's left after any of my various illnesses and injuries: about seven loads of laundry, the cooking-up of real food for my boys (I feel the need to make up for the amount of spaghetti-o's and mcdonald's consumed), some thrift shopping, and some precious time spent with family.

*Thank God my husband actually DOES things. Lots of things. I can not imagine being married to a lazy bum who doesn't lift a finger to help. Speaking of the husband, his birthday is in 7 days!! Looks like I'll be crafting up some gifts as well.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

true story.

I fell in love with his hands before I fell in love with the rest of him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I could live on pancakes. I really's sort of disturbing. Whether they're the healthy whole-grain version, as pictured above, or full of chocolate chips and laden with butter. I could eat pancakes every single day of my life and never get bored. EVER.

Not doing so well folks. Pray for me?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whew. I'm sitting down with a cup of two o'clock coffee, a clementine, and a piece of buttered toast, giving my very fatigued arms a rest. It's been a cheerfully busy day--a great morning workout, oatmeal with grated apple and raisins, vacuumming, dusting, sweeping, an egg and veggie sandwich, picking up the forty-five thousand Lego starwars pieces strewn about the house, and putting our new flannel sheets on the bed. Now I sit and realize how pooped I am, listening to the washer chug away. But look at that list! I did all that! Every day I get new revelations that the iron is taking effect, that I am becoming well. I accomplish a whole list of tasks before I've even given thought to it and then--whoosh! I realize that I am actually walking around and doing lots of shit like a normal person. It's a good feeling, one that I can honestly say I've never had before.

Other goodness has happened today: new tires on the car (this makes my husband happier than I, but if he's happy, then I'm happy), putting on the good old Surfer Rosa album, sorting out my ever-growing collection of feathers from small to large, receiving a letter from a beautiful friend, and enjoying the air--oh the air! I keep going outside to swallow it up in big gulps. Cool but warm at the same time and just lovely. It feels like spring.

I think I'll go take the small one out into said air for a walk, then maybe have something fun for dinner--pancakes, anyone? With pecans and banana's? Mmmm. Indeed. After that, the store for a few items, then home to homework and bath/bedtime and a very large glass of wine for this girl.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a gift from nature.

Found these while running the other day. So far the new year has been no more or less rough than the previous one.

I think God has funny and beautiful ways of cheering us up.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new work.

"everything has a soul"--acrylic/watercolor/book paper on recycled book cover