Sunday, February 26, 2012

see you next month, lover.

That's what my husband and I always say to one another when one of our date-weekend's is coming to a close. "See you next month!" It's a humorous spin on the truth: that for being married and living together constantly, we rarely see each other. It's looking as if he'll be shooting loads of weddings this year, so there's a lot of preparation and meetings that go into that. I'll be attempting to start school, so long as my health stays on the up. And Hayden will be starting first grade later this year, while we try to maneuver his bossy-pants attitude.

This weekend we chose to do some flea-marketing and thrifting, something we both adore and can get lost in for hours on end. It's a sickness. I've got to show you all this place, but alas, I didn't bring my camera. I always do this. I don't bring it on the principal that I'd like to be unencumbered, but then always regret it, passing by a million and one perfect candid moments and beautiful stills. Next time for sure.

I passed by dozens of antique, hand-stitched quilts, piles of old, rusty tools, and very old, well-loved dolls. I was searching for a teapot. And wouldn't you know it--I found one!

This thing is enormous. I swear it weights at least five pounds. But she's so cute, I just had to have her. I also found some note-worthy rings (shinies, oh shinies!), some really nice glass bottles, for all the herb oils and vinegar's I'm planning to craft this summer, and a few peasant-style shirts I couldn't pass up. To bad I couldn't afford the suite of 1700 Victorian sitting room furniture, all black wood and black velvet cushions. I hadn't brought almost a thousand dollars with me...

I'm off to the store; will be getting ingredients for chicken soup. I think I'll start a loaf of wheat bread rising before I head out. Today will be lots of tea, homemade bread with butter, video games with the boy, maybe a  few chores, a little yoga, a little bible-reading. Have a good Sunday all.


  1. that tea pot is incredible. there's nothing like a large, beautiful teapot. that's an open invitation for goodness. i know what you mean about deciding not to bring a camera and then later regretting it (thus my newfound love for iPhone photos 'cause it's always with me hehe) but your words brought me right to the flea market. must have been such a wonderful date for you two!! and your day of soup, bread tea + all of it sounds pretty marvelous too! hope it all came true. :)

  2. it did it did! it was a marvelous day. so windy we almost blew away, but other than that it was fabulous. (also, i would totally have you for tea in two clicks, just saying!)
    i keep trying not to cave to the iphone god's, but i know that eventually i will probably fail. ;)

  3. I love flea marketing; I can go for ages, just letting things drift across my mind and remembering things I needed to find. It is so great to come home with a few great things. :)


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