Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Four Elements.

I woke this morning feeling intolerant of everything, and I knew the reason was that I haven't created anything spontaneous in quite a while. I had found this wonderful board out for the trash, and knew I wanted to do something especially eye-catching with it. So here it is, "The Four Elements". My only struggle is how to finished it--clear lacquer maybe? Have any thoughts my friends?


  1. This is so lovely. Finish with a matte spray varnish maybe? Seems like clear lacquer would be shiny, if you want that. If it's acrylic you basically just have to finish the wood so it doesn't get dirty, but the paint should be fine.

    1. Hello Jamie and thank you for commenting. :) I appreciate your thoughts...I was actually thinking of using a matte varnish myself! I didn't really want it to be shiny. I'm so glad you said something; sometimes it helps just having another person agree with you. Cheers!


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