Friday, April 1, 2011

healing (slowly)

chicken soup, duh.
I'll be honest: I am worn to the bone from how much our family has been sick this winter. We are once again recovering from another cold, and the house is a symphony of sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. The dishes are arrayed train-style across the counter, crumpled-up Kleenex balls are blowing around on the floor like tumbleweed, and my brushes/needle & thread/pens & paper have given up on me days ago.

I have to laugh. I mean, burn-out from a handful of minor cold's? But yes, it's true. I'm friggin' SPENT. 

We also recently had a death in the family, my Aunt Rose. I couldn't attend her funeral, but my mom and step-dad did. They were thoughtful enough to bring me back a few things that belonged to her--some hairpins, a small brooch, and a quilt square that just about brought me to tears. I photographed these treasures and will be posting them here soon. She was a very special woman...I'll miss her presence in the family. She always called me "Britty".


Anyway. More hot soup. More hot tea. More steaming. More stretching. More sinus medication that makes me feel like my head is detached from my body. More listening to my son cough through the night. (Isn't that the WORST?!? I mean, he's fine, technically speaking. No fever, perky all day. But the cough lingers, and it sounds worse than I guess it is. But I listen to him all night. I don't sleep. Like, ever.)

I promise that when I'm well I'll post something interesting. Whenever that is.


  1. oh do i ever know how you feel!!! Especially as a new mom (myself)... this first year with all kinds of sickness has been rough!! I FEEL YA!!!!

  2. MJ--thank you. :) they were a gift.


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