Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Tuesday - April 26

It's 7:20am and I'm sitting on the back patio. It's beautiful out here. I have my steamy cup of espresso and the morning sunlight is shining gold-green, highlighting all of springs new growth. I threw my most colorful sweater on before coming out--the one striped with red, light and dark blue, grey, and rich brown. Vince calls it my "coat of many colors".

Flower boxes sit all around the patio's ledge, filled with freshly-planted parsley, chives, basil, lavender. There are more plants inside we dare not bring out until at least mid-May. These extra plants are our back-up plan.

 As I'm writing this, a small rabbit is sneaking out from under our neighbors shed. He's eyeing me up, trying to decide if this large, multi-colored creature is a predator or not.

Two things have been occupying my mind lately, in equal measure. One, doing what I can to fix this house up, make it even more beautiful. I want to paint the kitchen cupboards a very bright red next. Right now, they're cream, and that just won't do. I don't even think cream is technically a color. Not in my book anyway. It's white that sat out too long. I'd like our front door to be a beautiful robin's-egg blue, and our railings white instead of black. There's so much work to be done, but it's fun, this process of making a house our home.

My second obsession as of late is travel. I just want to go somewhere. The desire is so frantic in fact, that I could go camping in the wilds of PA, or travel to a crazy, bustling city. I honestly don't care. Maybe what I'm truly craving is a road-trip with no destination in mind. To pack my favorite leather bag with a change of clothes, my sketchbook, a camera, tea and coffee (MUST have the coffee), and a book of poetry. Throw blankets and a tent--just in case--in the back and : away!!

Alas, not today. Nor tomorrow, I think. But we are planning for something soon, most likely this summer. I think all our souls could use a little replenishing.

I've been working with old books again, thanks to a freshly thrown-out batch in the library garbage. Vintage books, nearly falling apart, with beautifully embossed cloth covers. I missed these relics. A break to paint and play with other mediums was needed, but now--back to my true love: BOOKS. <3

Ah, and the wee boy is up. Time to get him ready for school.

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