Tuesday, May 3, 2011

paper, thread, and glue.

I hit the mother-load of landfill-bound books a few weeks ago, and have been steadily sorting through them, deconstructing ones far too tattered for the shelf. I really am at my happiest when sorting through a big box of vintage books...their cloth covers, their musty smell, and if the pages are discolored from age or moisture, all the better.

mixed media book page; vintage book paper, wax paper, thread

Lately it has been sunny and beautiful outside, in which case I've been taking my work outside with me. It's great to sit out on the back patio, in full sun, with my stacks of paper and box of tid-bits, and maybe some tea or coffee, working away while hearing the birds chirp and watching Hayden play a few feet away.

embroidered book page; vintage book paper, thread

a peek into my personal art book
Sorry about the poor picture quality, by the way. I said it before, and I'll say it again, I am NOT a photographer. I'll leave that to my husband.

Regarding another subject:

It's amazing to see the mixed opinion after Osama Bin Laden's killing. A lot of people, some close to me, feel that there should be no rejoicing after a death, even an enemy's. I have mixed opinions on this. I'm not going to lie--I was thrilled at the news, and also relieved. I wish this had happened a lot sooner of course, as I'm sure we all do. I also feel that there are hundreds willing to take his place, so do I think there will be some amazing change hereafter? Not really.

Was I dancing and boogying and shaking my junk? No. I had a small toast, all to myself, knowing that a very, very evil man had finally left this world.

Do I think it's wrong to celebrate the exit of any sort of evil? No, I do not. I understand that we don't want more hatred in this world, that we don't want to sing and dance around a bonfire any time someone we "dislike strongly" has a hard time or dies. There isn't much good born out of hatred or bitterness. But am I going to sit around after a man--Bin Laden specifically--is killed, with my hands folded in my lap, ruminating, "Oh that's just too bad" or "What a tortured soul". No. No, most certainly not.

And that jumble is about as political as you'll ever see me get on this little space.

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  1. I am certainly not sad about Osama's death. Did he deserve it? Absolutely. Is the world better off without him in it? Absolutely. But I just don't think it's appropriate for anyone to ever publicly cheer over the death of another human. No matter how bad that person was. And I feel no need in being happy because it doesn't change anything. If anything it makes things worse now than before for all the anger that it will and has surely brought among his followers. I understand though that we all "grieve" in different ways over what has happened in our lives through this man's life.


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