Monday, August 1, 2011

i've been busy...

painting walls in the studio

making/altering clothes

painting (always)

eating delicious, healthy food

and spending a lot of time with these nerds

So the far, it's been a good summer (especially considering that there is no vacation in sight this year). But we're making due--cooking out with friends and family, busting our butts gardening and sprucing up the house. I continue to paint and stitch, hub continutes to click his camera, and the boy torments us (lovingly, of course) through it all.

I don't have too much on the agenda this week. Work on a few new purses and a pair of linen pants, cuddle up with the boy and watch movies, go for some sunset runs. Ambitious, I tell you.

What are you planning this week/weekend?


  1. sounds lovely. the food pics made me want to eat that very same thing right away :)

  2. the food was actually stuff for soft tacos. i looooooooooooooove soft tacos. god help me--i want some now.

  3. ooh, linen pants. :) sounds like a pretty good plan you've got there. I plan on finishing up some paperwork, scanning photos from my grampop's files, making muffins, working on some artwork, and enjoying the much cooler weather. just took lucy for a 'sniff walk' ~ that's when she can stop and sniff whenever she wants. it took forever to get home again!

  4. brooke--i think i'd like to come stay with you for a bit. a day. a week. a year. whatever. ;)

  5. Love that quote there in the first picture!
    Great blog!


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