Monday, January 30, 2012


I haven't written anything in length about my life lately because...well, I'm just not sure how truly interested ya'll are in my spine and my meds and my iron levels and things of that nature. Because that's honestly what most of my life has consisted of recently. Which is horrible--I don't think I've ever felt more boring, with the exception of my hospital stays when I was young.

Anyway, long story short, I pinched a nerve in my neck AGAIN, about a week and a half ago, so of course, I've been stuck inside, resting a lot, taking a lot of really terrible medication, not driving, not going ANYWHERE, and just generally pulling my hair out whilst trying to take care of my 5-year-old son. I saw a neck specialist at the beginning of the month who couldn't have been less interested, I'll tell you that, so my options are still up in the air. I'm thinking I may try accupuncture next? I don't know. Have any of you tried this? If so, was it helpful?

I'm a lot better now, able to move and exercise again. Life is tough though because I know, eventually, this will just happen again. It could be tomorrow or three months from now.

I'm going to tell you something else: bedrest is good for getting some painting done.

*sketchbook: critters, watercolor and ink*
*water and mountains: paper, mixed media, acrylic on canvas*

*ink and watercolor on book paper*

And now for what's left after any of my various illnesses and injuries: about seven loads of laundry, the cooking-up of real food for my boys (I feel the need to make up for the amount of spaghetti-o's and mcdonald's consumed), some thrift shopping, and some precious time spent with family.

*Thank God my husband actually DOES things. Lots of things. I can not imagine being married to a lazy bum who doesn't lift a finger to help. Speaking of the husband, his birthday is in 7 days!! Looks like I'll be crafting up some gifts as well.


  1. Sorry you're in so much pain :( Has anyone ever mentioned decompression to you? Obviously Im no doctor, but I know my chiropractor does it with clients to lengthen the spine & open the spaces between the vertebrae... supposed to work wonders on ruptured discs, decreased space between vertebrae, scoliosis, etc.. just a thought! Feel better!

    1. Melany--nice to see your voice here. :) is decompression that table you lay on where they stretch out your neck? i had that a long time DID seem to help, at least for a time. but nothing is helping in the long-term. =/

  2. ouch. that is such a drag. i'm so sorry to hear that. i don't know what you're going through, but i just had a deviated nose surgery and was laid up for two weeks on all kinds of meds and unable to go anywhere or do anything and not that this helps with the laundry, but my friend got me h o o k e d on that show "the walking dead" (i know zombies, gross, but seriously it's an amazing show) and now i have episodes of louie on netflix to look forward to that absolutely crack me up.

    on another note, i'm so impressed that you painted. that, i was not able to do all laid up. i chose very simple knitting. but it makes me think of frida kahlo.

    feel better :(

    1. i saw your bandages and had wondered what was going on! that sounds pretty intense! =/
      we don't have cable, more on principal than anything else, but i hear about these shows and it makes me want it. blast! darn television!
      that reference to frida kahlo is about the best thing i've heard in weeks, so thank you. :) and i sincerely wish i knew how to knit. i've tried to teach myself several times and always end up throwing it across the room. love your yarns!!

    2. you know, quite honestly, i'm with you on the cable. we only have it so my husband can watch sports and i have my opinion about that...
      but if you happen to get your hands on an iPad, you can catch a lot of things on netflix these days. and apparently there are some pretty good sites you can view right through your computer screen as well. actually, i think you can do that with netflix too, so you don't need an iPad, haha.

      as for knitting, i started with crochet years and years ago. i was the same about knitting. it drove me nuts. crochet was easier for me to learn for some reason. and then eventually, when the time was right, i learned to knit. i can knit patterns now and everything, but my favorite knitting is still the good old basic stitch with a few random mistakes thrown in for good measure. it always has more appeal, for some reason, than those intricately knitted, flawless pieces that some people know how to create. if that inspires you to continue with yarn at all...

    3. hahaha oh men...large and small. even without cable, they definitely manage to get their screen time in with video games, PBS, and moviesmoviesmovies!

      i'm dying for an ipad but i won't admit it. (shhhh..)

      the thing with knitting is, i REALLY want to do it. so i keep trying. and it keeps driving me crazy without fail. i can do basic garter if i wanted to i could make scarves for all! but i really want to get past that point. maybe i should try crochet too? hmmm...

      i am exactly like you with painting as you are with knitting. i love little imperfections and on-purpose mistakes. DEFINITELY more interesting. :)

  3. Yikes! Hope your back heals up perfectly and STAY RESTING- that's no joke, that spine stuff. Happy birthday to the hubs, and HOLY SMOKES, that mountain painting is gorgeous. Your comment totally made my blush- you are too sweet, Brit. xoxo

  4. Pretty! I love the mountains. And maybe try yoga?


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