Saturday, January 28, 2012

true story.

I fell in love with his hands before I fell in love with the rest of him.


  1. you know what? i can totally relate to this. and i'm tickled to find someone else in the world who feels as i do. i've never heard anyone else say this before. i S T I L L gaze at my husbands hands in awe. and my absolute favorite thing lately is when he comes home late night from a session, climbs under the covers and slips his hand into mine. it's so beautiful, my heart melts. :::

    1. hahaha <3 awesome! i feel the same. it's sort of like one of those disturbing foot-fetishes, but it's okay because it's HANDS. ;)
      have honestly never been attracted to men who have smooth, womanly hands. i like workers hands.


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