Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm still here. Haven't been able to compute for a while, which led to a lot of free time, which led to a lot of solitude and reflection. I was a bit bored at first but then...not. I caught up on all of my overdue library books. Cooked loaves of french bread and some amazing omelets. Have been rearranging the house, puttering around, shifting collections of seashells and crystals. Hayden and I really reconnected this week, playing one-on-one more. His self-expression through his drawings and doodles are completely amazing. I knew we'd hit a landmark when he came up to me unbidden and kissed me on my head for no reason at all. I'm still smiling after that one.

I'll be twenty-six on Monday. The husband brought me an early gift of yellow tulip bulbs and a bottle of wine. My mother is making me a lemon cake with black tea frosting. I don't think I need more than all that. Twenty-five was super-tough. I'm more than ready to move on.

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