Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lately I've been feeling the urge to document all those little snippets of my know, the little corners, the sweaters piled on the chair, the books all helter-skelter, the trinkets covered in some very real-life dust. I have this idea of putting photo books of the ordinary together for Hayden to look at one day, to see the places he lived in in detail. Let's just hope I actually do it.


  1. Do it Sis! :D I love the picture and I love that idea. You always remember life in broad strokes, but not detail. It'll be neat for him to see the small things that meant something to you guys.

    1. huzzah! i knew YOU would be all for it, of course. :) i think i can get these ridiculously beautiful photo books through nova studio's...but i have to look into whether or not i'll need to sell my body to be able to afford just one.


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