Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tea towel tote bag

I found this enormous, Pennsylvania-Dutch inspired tea towel at the thrift store, and had to have it. It's made out of really strong linen. It's been sitting on my shelf of found fabrics for a few weeks now, waiting for the proper idea to form. Finally a realized that it would make a perfect tote bag, which I really needed anyhow.

Sometimes, the way I limit my work to what I can find, either in the garbage or at thrift stores and flea markets, kind of bums me out. The temptation to just go to the fabric store and get everything new is so strong...especially when I'm looking at some of the beautiful sewing books out there, and every project calls for such-and-such yards of such-and-such type fabric. But I'm reminded of how much creativity resides within me, within all of us, if we just make do with what we already have. The compliments come pouring in, and I realize I've got to be doing something right.


  1. i love this! i buy a lot of old linens from our neighborhood antique store and i'm always looking for new ways to use them and incorporate them into projects. beautiful!

    1. thank you doll. :) i can't stop collecting old fabric...it's seriously getting out of hand.

      good to see you comment here!


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