Sunday, June 3, 2012

this is just to share...

...that I am now a pirate. Not by choice mind you, but by chance. I was all geared up to take Hayden for a walk yesterday, when a car drove by at considerable speeds and managed to kick up dust and gravel, some of which must have hit my left eye. Yes. My eye. As in eyeball. Behind my glasses. My glasses are perfectly fine by the way. (This is the sort of thing in life that makes me laugh my ass off. I mean, how did nothing hit my glasses, but a little piece of gravel somehow swooped in behind the lenses at exactly the right angle to hit and damage my eye??? Hilarious!)

So of course, I (sort-of willingly) was driven to the emergency room by my sister-in-law, where I sat for a few hours dripping cold water from a compress. The docs numbed my eye, then put dye in it, and then peered into it with some special contraption, which determined that my cornea was indeed scratched by something-or-other.

So it'll be a week or so of antibiotic eye drops, cold compresses, and sunglasses. Speaking of which, I was super disappointed that I didn't get to leave the hospital with a pair of those enormously bug-eyed sunglasses that the elderly and eye-surgery patients get to wear. But I did swipe a pair of lavender-colored latex gloves, because they were lavender, so I had to have them.

In short, I'm fine. Sun and wind hurt (a lot) and I feel rather squinty and moleish, but other than that, I'm okay. I'm sincerely glad that it wasn't Hayden's eye. Seriously.


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