Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This is what I found this morning, stuck to my computer monitor:

I had to sit down and cry a little bit over that. Husband has definitely not been around much lately--work, travel, then more work and more travel. And while I like the routine that Hayden and I are able to get into when Daddy isn't around, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss his help or even just his masculine presence around the house. But time apart is good, right? Yes. At least, some and not too much. Maybe it helps us to take each other less for granted, but that's probably debatable.

I am so excited for fall, preparing for it in small ways. I've been harvesting my lavender every week or so, and drying it out. I have almost a whole mason jar full of the tiny, dark purple buds. I've also put up a jar each of rosemary and basil vinegar, which I like to use not only in the kitchen, but as a toner for the skin. The jars make me happy, as I line them up on the pantry shelf, full of wonderfully mysterious contents. I want to blend some of my own tea's this year, and stitch up some little mesh bags for my mints, roses, and fruit peels.

I also dumped out my scrap box on my studio floor this past week, and took stock of what I've collected. I cut out all sorts of odd squares and rectangles and now I'm slowly piecing them together when I can find the time, usually late at night after Hayden has gone to bed. I'm hoping I have enough to make up a quilt, maybe something I can surprise V. with by Christmas (at the latest).

I've really been craving a church recently. It isn't religion that I want so much as a community, and others that I can talk quietly about God with, without it seeming odd. I also think that Hayden might benefit from it, from being around other children year-round, rather then only during the school year. I have to laugh at myself...I've grown into such a hermit. I hardly have the confidence to just walk into a church where I don't know a single person. And to think I used to do things like that all the time.

Tonight: green tea and cookies, a late-evening walk with the boy, maybe a little ballet or yoga in the quiet.


  1. I'm sorry that your husband has been away so much lately. My husband just got back from a work trip and I'm so glad he's home again. That's cool that you're looking for a church; I've found my church to be a strong community throughout my life and found my best friend there ten years ago when I was still in high school. Here's a link to my church's website: You can even find where the closest church is to your address: I used to love doing yoga--somehow it can make you feel more relaxed and energized at the same time.

    1. oh, you know...we'll be alright. :) he's a photographer, so it's a very "feast or famine" kind of deal. so there are times when he's home more than other husbands, which is great. but it's hard to be at home with a little boy who won't stop saying "I miss Da." :( my heart!
      i'll definitely check out your church website. i'm open to a lot of things right now...i suppose that i'll know when i find the right church, the right avenue. i'm hoping it will just click.
      thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! it means a lot. <3

  2. aww, how sweet is that. it's great that he's home again. I know if it were me, it'd make me emotional seeing that note.

    you have a lovely blog, by the way :)

    xo, samantha

    1. haha well...i cry a LOT, to be fair. at just about everything. so maybe it doesn't count. ;)

      thank you very much! and thank you for commenting. :)


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