Friday, February 15, 2013

friday senses.

Well I'm amazed that it's Friday again. This has been a doozy of a week, let me tell you. I have very little planned for the weekend except catching up on some rest, getting the house in order, and picking away at a scarf I'm working on. What do you have planned?

Making: this scarf. It's a very easy pattern that brings a very pretty result. Mine won't be purple however, but a combination of rust and burnt orange. Using some of that delicious wool I found at the thrift store. (My good friend Jenny made me that little cozy pictured above. Isn't it cute? And one of my very favorite colors.)

Seeing: images from this blog. I've always carried a fascination with the way people dress, not in the sense of what is in fashion, but more pondering over the small, special items people pick out, and why they wear them. Clothes have stories, just as everything else does.

Smelling: lemon oil. I polished some of our wooden furniture this morning.

Tasting: mandarin oranges.

Hearing: absolutely nothing. I have the house all to myself and I'm enjoying it immeasurably.

Feeling: a bit sore, from all walks I've been taking, but so refreshed from the air and sunshine.

Loving: this t-shirt. I'm trying to resist temptation, but I may need one of these.

Reading: The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. I've been sucked in.

Praying: for my husband and son. Being thankful for them, for all that we have. For strong coffee, books, togetherness, for bright colors and for hope.

Good day to you all <3


  1. beautiful photo Brittany! The scarf looks lovely, I may have to bookmark it, though my UFO's glare at me with a "how dare you" look. Soreness from walking, such a good thing. And I have to agree with you about fashion, I love to see the details in women's outfits--the scarves, the shoes, the headwear ;).
    Love your gratitude list, hear hear for all of it!!

    1. i think you'll like that scarf pattern. now that i've been at it for a bit, it's really lovely, and worked up very quickly. very satisfying. thank you so much for taking the time to comment. <3

  2. wow, that scarf looks beautiful! and a little bit complicated, i'm impressed :)

    1. hi gaby! the scarf is actually VERY easy, once you get a hang of the pattern. i didn't think i'd be able to do it, but i am. :) of course, by the time i'm finished it'll be summer lol. thanks for commenting.


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