Friday, February 8, 2013

friday senses.

Making: nothing. The knitted cowl has been abandoned for some riveting fiction, per usual. Later I'll be cooking feta sausages with roasted potatoes and carrots, and some homemade mac and cheese.

Seeing: how badly I need to dust. It's all I can notice right now, literally tearing my attention away from everything else. And yet, I probably won't do it today. Because.

Smelling: coffee. Surprised?

Tasting: bananas. I just ate three. Yes, three bananas.

Hearing: my husband giggle like a school-boy, while Hayden chases him around trying to tickle him. Hilarious.

Feeling: vaguely ill, which just seems to be the general state of being in the grand winter of 2012-2013.

Loving: my brother Shane, and our absolutely ridiculous FB conversations. Here's a lovely example (please pardon the swears):

Me: There's so much we need to do. Can you imagine if we were billionaire children with all the time and money in the world? Jeez.

Shane: I think that's why we're NOT. lol We would cause the collapse of civilized society.

Me: Probably.....SHANE I NEED BOOTS. fuck. My boots have sagging ankles. This isn't working.

Shane: Saggy ankles are the worst.

Me: I need those weird shin suspender thingies that old men used to wear to hold their non-elastic socks up.

Shane: Sex incarnate.

Me: right?!?!?----

Reading: First Love by Joyce Carol Oates. I think I don't like it.

Praying: that Hayden's parent/teacher conference goes off without a hitch today. That we get some more sun this week. Really, realllllllly need some more light.

Happy weekending all. xo

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