Sunday, October 20, 2013

he's married.

My little brother is now a married man.

There is something in my brain that wants to rebel against this idea, even though my heart fully accepts the fact of his marriage and all the things that go with it. I suppose that it's as simple as that yes, he is my little brother, by only 18 months, but my younger sibling nonetheless. Or maybe it hit me that he is now a man, truly, at least by my own definition; living and working and striving with and for someone other than himself. He's going to be a superior husband.

When my mother was pregnant with my brother, she was careful to ward off any blooming jealousy or misgivings that I might have had. She constantly told me that this was also my baby, that she would need my help, and by doing so I think she made me feel important and excited for his arrival.

So yes, I think that's it. My baby. Or just a little anyways.


  1. Aw... Sis... This touched me so much. I love you endlessly and you'll always be my Big Sis and my Mother Hen. :) P.S. You made me cry!


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