Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Hooded Woman.

Getting back to mixed media. I've had this woman in my head for quite some time, but couldn't succeed in capturing her how I wanted until recently. The muse is a fickle being, isn't she? It's hard to see here, but I used some of my great-grandfather's school papers in the background, some dating back to 1932. I don't use them often, as they're limited and precious, but I feel so proud to have them peeking through some of my art pieces. I think he'd like that.


  1. it touched me deeply to read about your grandfather being a part of this beautiful and unique art work of yours. such a wonderful way of keeping memories of loved one alive in a visual way.

    so happy for you Brittany that you are getting back to mixed media again : )


  2. Beautiful. How wonderfully poignant that you should include your grandfather this way. <3

    1. Thank you Milla. <3 I keep all my old letters, journals, and other papers just for this reason.


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