Thursday, February 25, 2016

Moving/Moving On.

I've got a lot going on right now, which I don't really say with glee. I'm not one of those people that must be busy, always on the look-out for something to do. Nope. I will get my chores done, but then I will sit here with my coffee and paints, thank you very much.

The biggest thing is....we're moving! We've been looking at places for the better part of a year and have finally found the one, a little (but surprisingly spacious) cottage, nestled among farmland and acre upon acre of space. SPACE. It's a notion I've become unfamiliar with. To be able to breathe something other than car exhaust and dust. Despite its country setting, it's only 15 minutes from one of the cutest towns in the area, and a whopping 22 minutes from the nearest city, which is overloaded with art and restaurants and markets and all kinds of other things.

We're excited but also completely overwhelmed. I had forgotten how expensive it is to move, all the initial cost of getting everything switched over and set-up. Yikes.

So I probably won't be visiting this space much. Definitely not over the next month or so. But I hope to reconnect with lots of pictures of our new abode. Blessings to you, friends.


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