Monday, February 8, 2016

Taking Stock

Sewing lesson for the small. He made a drawstring pouch.

I haven't been able to write lately, by which I mean I literally can't think of anything to say. I haven't touched my personal journal month? Two? In any case, I found this great blog, which lead me to this great blog, which led me to this idea, so I thought I'd try it.

Making : a triangular, rust-colored shawl that I feel I've been knitting my entire life.

Cooking : something having to do with turkey. Turkey burgers? Turkey chili? 

Drinking : a very light, lovely green tea with roses, gifted to me from my sis-in-law.

Reading: just finished Carry On, which I highly recommend. Now I'm moving on to this and this, plus whatever additional goodies I find at the library this week.

Wanting: this coloring book, auburn hair, time to myself, and a tiny house in the country.

Looking: at my "Pretty" Pinterest board; lots of little things that make me happy there.

Playing: The Last Of Us (does this category pertain to video games, among other things? I'm running with it!)

Deciding: where we want to move. We're leaning towards the country/outskirts somewhere. Not too far removed, but definitely not in town.

Wishing: for a new home. A change.

Enjoying: the fact that while everyone out front is stuck in 5 o'clock traffic, I'm in here with furry boots on my feet and cup of tea in hand.

Waiting: to hear about a new job opportunity for hub.

Liking: our slow, homeschooling days. I struggle with feeling like we're not doing enough. So many families are booked solid with, gymnastics, dance, sports....but then I remember how spontaneous we can be, because we aren't bogged down with a bunch of other stuff.

Wondering: who pays over $3,000/month for rent? Who are these people?

Loving: this Instagram. So much good inspiration there.

Pondering: making these.

Considering: finally making my own kimchii.

Buying: goat cheese :)

Watching: the final season of Downton Abbey. You cannot know how upset I am that this is it.

Hoping: for spring to come early.

Marvelling: at my skills of procrastination and my refusal to take naps.

Cringing: at Republicans. Every damn day.

Needing: a long, hot bath.

Questioning: why women are now wearing their nails long, pointy, and slightly rounded at the tip. I tried to imagine myself so fashionable, but really just ended up imagining all the bodily harm I'd do to myself.

Smelling: roses.

Wearing: full-on cozy gear. Favorite jeans, favorite hoodie, knitted beanie, warm socks, and big boots.

Following: this blog. I don't know what it says, but it's lovely.

Noticing: my son really needs a haircut. 

Knowing: it's soon time to exercise and make dinner.

Thinking: about houses. Houses, caravans, campers, shacks, you name it.

Admiring: our newly put-together nature shelves (actually, it's my china cabinet).

Sorting: clothes and books. Continuously. 

Getting: excited for the possibility of starting over, if such a thing exists.

Bookmarking: this recipe.

Coveting: this swimsuit.

Disliking: Donald Trump. I know, you're shocked.

Opening: my heart. Trying to, anyway. Certain circumstances lately have been closing it off.

Giggling: at The Eternal Dilemna.

Feeling: hungry.

Snacking: I don't have snacks near my computer. Do you have snacks near your computer? Can I have some?

Helping: my wee one quell his nervousness at meeting new friends.

Hearing: a distant video game being played (Star Wars, me thinks), the bathtub filling, distant sounds of traffic, my tummy rumbling. 


  1. I always worry I'm not doing enough with homeschooling too. That damn comparison thing gets me every time.
    Carry On keeps making its way on to my radar. Maybe I need to read it.

    1. READ IT, for sure. Or really, read anything by Rainbow Rowell. She's amazing.

  2. I loved your 'list.' It's fun and very inspiring. I hope you try making kimchi! I make sauerkraut and my sister makes kimchi - so we just exchange jars.

    1. I need to get someone on board to make fermented veg with!


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