Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 random facts about myself.

1.  I absolutely, positively, friggin' LOVE elephants. (See above.)

2.  My biggest dream in my teen years was to be a back-up dancer for Britney Spears. 'Tis true.

3.  I want to one day adopt a child.

4.  I hate those super-fuzzy, thick, soft socks. Crumbs and all kinds of nasty get stuck in them and it really freaks me out.

5.  I met my hubs while we both worked in a drug-store photo department.

6.  My favorite food in the entire universe is fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.

7.  Speaking of food, certain flavors of Jello make me really nauseous. But I can always eat peach flavor.

8.  I dream of writing a book, but I'm not sure that I'm committed enough. Right now, I have app. 3 under construction, none of them are halfway done, and they all have shady subject matter. Also, I'm always getting distracted by pretty colors and paper and glue, which I like a hell of a lot more than writing. Oh well.

9.  I smoked for years. I have not smoked for almost four. :) I never regret it. I never crave a cigarette.

10.  I want to move my entire family to some awesome commune where we can all farm and sew and watch each others kids on date nights and make amazing art.

The End. <3


  1. I want to move my family to a similar place..only with an ocean included lol


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