Monday, February 14, 2011

whole lotta craftin' goin' on...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! We honestly haven't partaken in much festivity here...there was a badly botched breakfast of heart pancakes, a big interruption having to do with my husband's job, and a million other issues, so let's just say it wasn't a big, squishy party.

No matter. Crafting always cheers me up. I wanted to show you all a few of the things I've been working on.

chamomile and mint salve

I made my very first batch of chamomile salve last week! This is exciting to me because a) my skin is too sensitive to use commercial products all the time, and b) buying natural products from other producers is waaaaaaay out of my budget at the moment. So I made my own. My feet, hands, lips, etc., are thanking me profusely. (I'll try to post the recipe over the next few days--it's incredibly easy!)

altered onsie

This is a onsie I made for my best friend's baby girl.  I actually made it last month but only just recently gave it to her. She loved it! The quilted circle was originally supposed to be a square, but when I placed it on the top it looked sort of strange. So I turned it into a circle instead.

onsie detail

It was still missing something when all was sewn, so I stitched on some vintage buttons. I can't resist adding them to pretty much everything. You DO NOT want to know how big my button collection's sort of ridiculous/obsessive.

free-handed painting in my kitchen

I've also been adding little hand-painted touches around the house, mainly in the kitchen.  I love folk art and would like to see more of its influence around our abode.

hand-painted butterflies

I can't stop. Really.

hayden, painting valentine's
And of course, I'm always feeling inspired by my little man, who creates with this admirable reckless abandon. We should all aspire to create like children, shouldn't we?

That's all for the moment. I hope your day was wonderful. <3


  1. that onsie is just so cute!!
    and the paintings are lovely :)


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