Wednesday, February 9, 2011

to do.

my painting corner; in my "studio"      

Over the next few days I will be:

-in said corner, hopefully finishing a small series I've been working on.
-painting/collaging a wooden stool I salvaged, because...
-it will be my b-day present to my boy, who's turning five on the 19th
-which means I have to plan, yes, another birthday party
-and make cupcakes with Thomas the Tank Engine-blue icing
-trying to squeeze in time to just myself throughout all this
-busting out the old sewing machine and figuring out what's wrong with it
-sending in Hayden's papers for kindergarten. (

Whether or not I am actually this productive in reality remains to be seen. My neck is still giving me a lot of trouble, which makes doing even mundane things sort of difficult. I definitely don't want to re-injure myself, so I have to be this delicate flower for a while and do things slowly and with my pinkies lifted.

Hope you're all having a blessed week. <3

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