Friday, December 23, 2011

bye bye shadow.

Yesterday was exciting. I did my very first releasing ceremony and my husband participated with me. I learned from the beautiful Pixie Campbell and her Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies. What an amazing teacher this wonderful woman has become, not just to me, but to so many women around the country (and a few willing men too).

strips of paper for my releasing wishes

in the end, i had quite a few

we gathered our materials: our wishes, lavendar, and tobacco

we put them in the woodstove


we said a prayer as the bundles burned. then we watched them turn to ash.

I have to say, this felt really good. What made it even better was knowing that so many other amazing people were doing the exact same thing with the exact same intention. Powerful stuff, I tell you! I'm definitely doing this every year. My thanks goes out to Pixie, for introducing me to this and so many other wonderful things.

And now, rest. Because I have actually come down with a cold.


  1. This is lovely.
    I want to do something like this for new years...
    P.s. Why the he'll are you not in my blog roll?! Must fix.

  2. i think it is so amazing that so many of us women are doing this for the first time, and many with our partners, b/c of pixie. big big thanks! love your photos. thanks for letting me know you did it too!

  3. erin--you're cute. i'll put you on mine as well. :)

  4. laura--you're welcome! i hope that doing this really helped you...i know you've had a tough year. <3

  5. I did this too!!! Isn't it wonderful to let go of all the stuff that's not working in our lives? I did mine outside with a teensy fire - love your pics of the woodstove.
    All the best for 2012!!!

  6. hey thanks boho. :) i've been so glad to hear about all the mama's who participated in this--all of us coming together..i love it! i'm so glad you did it too! we were going to do ours outside but it was POURING. thank goodness for that woodstove. ;)

  7. I love it. Simple and sweet and done with your lover. Perfect! You are going to bust through some sh*t this year, sister. xx


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