Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ooooohh, i'm still alive...

That's a song by Pearl Jam, in case you didn't know. Sigh. Dork.

Anyway, I'm still here friends! Just going through a lot of rough stuff. See that? It's underlined. Which means it's pretty major. I don't bother moving my hand to click the underline icon thingy very often.

An update of much more substance coming soon.


  1. rough times. hmmm. hope things smooth out soon.


  2. thank you brooke. unfortunately, i don't think "soon" is going to be the reality here. but i'm definitely buoyed by the news of others. ;)

  3. I hope things are getting better! And hope you have a wonderful holiday!!
    xo, Kinsey

  4. thank you kinsey! :) and we're most certainly trying! i hope your christmas is magical as well!


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