Saturday, November 14, 2015

*Christmas, 2013*

Changes are happening, what I think will be good ones. I'll be homeschooling my son. The paperwork is filed and everything is official. I'm flying blind but I don't feel lost. I hope to write more in-depth about it later.

In my research about homeschooling, I came across an old thread about homeschooling on a low-income budget. Not only did it give me a lot of hope and incentive to begin, but I came across something a one woman said, something I love. I, of course, didn't save this page and can't find it now, but she said something like this:

"You create the life you want. It's YOUR life. I can't believe how little it matters to so many people. Make it happen if you want it."


  1. This is really exciting! I am seriously considering homeschooling my girls. It's something i never thought i would do, because i thought it had to look one way. It's amazing how quick and easy it is to put ourselves in boxes, even when we don't believe in them:) But my mind has been opened and it's been on my heart. I look forward to following along and learning from you! xo

    1. We are very low-income and live in an apartment, but we're doing it! I'd suggest looking for a co-op in your area when you're ready. Go and get a feel for it and ask questions. It will help you figure out if it's right for your family! <3


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