Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowed In.

We really are. Snowed in, that is. As in, sidewalks are impassable and a lot of roads still aren't plowed. It's a mess. The snow is up to my chest in some areas. Hubby is wicked tired from shoveling.


We have a ginormous mountain of snow in the yard thanks to a kindly neighbor who owns a plow, and we have small friends who come over to play and get in and out of snow-pants 55 times. And we have one another. No one has anywhere to be, nor could they get there right now if they wanted to.

I have some fun things planned for school this week. I think we'll go out and do "snow painting", which mainly consists of painting the snow with watercolor because why not? And I might send hubby and boy out to do a winter photography class because, again, why not? We have books to read and videos to watch, yoga and hula hoops and cookies. We're good.


  1. Books! Yoga! Hula hoops! Snow painting! This list is the best.

    1. hhahaha I agree! Sometimes the hooping is knocking over the books and the paintings, but they're all good things. :)


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